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Directly funding a Smarter Barter is the quickest way to bring Credit Do to your community. Whether you're a partnering business or private donor, getting started only takes a minute.

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Your contribution includes the cost of bringing effective financial literacy curriculums into schools (Learn), coordinating Smarter Barters (Work), and directly matching students’ financial education with in-kind contributions to their savings accounts (Save).


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For Students, middle and high school level.

Build a team of your friends to bring a Credit Do project to your community.

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Are you an organization in need of some helping hands? Find out how Smarter Barters can work for you.

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Are you actively engaged in supporting your community? Join the Needs-Matching Network and learn more about hosting a Smarter Barter at your business.



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Live in NYC? From assisting our on-the-ground efforts to pitching in at Credit Do HQ, there’s always a way to help out. 

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