We celebrate hard work and assist in shaping strong work ethics.


Founder, CEO - Chris Avila Hübschmann

Raised by a long line of hard-working Texans, Chris worked her way through school while attending New York University. Today, she directs her 16 years of leadership experience in television, fashion, and publishing towards a new goal: providing individuals with greater access to financial literacy and opportunities to work and save.  At the start of her freshman year, Chris bought her very first credit card from a salesperson outside her campus bookstore, where she spent $300 in credit on textbooks. Weeks later, she made a shocking discovery. According to her credit provider, Chris had unwittingly amassed over 7 years of unusable credit.  

This experience, followed by years of learning from employers, analyzing systems and an appreciation for her work opportunities, inspired Chris to take action. She thought: what if our credit score was representative of what we do—in other words, what we’ve earned—and based on our merit? After researching pro-social initiatives, she discovered Muhummad Yunus’ pioneering microloan program, which resonated deeply with her vision for a work-service initiative that provides access to financial education and credit in exchange for social productivity.  Credit Do's Smarter Barter is rooted in the belief that credit is not only a measure of someone’s financial worth, but more importantly, their positive contributions to the community at large.


Technology Advisor - Chris Clement

A digital creative innovating in tech and multimedia for over 12 years, Chris challenges conventions leveraging his broad design and programming skill-set to bring forward simple solutions to complex problems. His latest product, Splash, where he is a founding member, is a leader in the event marketing space - being used by over half of the Fortune 500 to prove and increase ROI in their event marketing programs.


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Local Businesses

Meet the community of like-minded businesses that support us at every step, from rewarding our participants with credit to jumpstarting their financial growth with savings accounts.


Associated Supermarket
123 Ave. C

  Fine Fare Supermarket  42 Ave. C 175 Clinton St. 545 Grand St.

Fine Fare Supermarket
42 Ave. C
175 Clinton St.
545 Grand St.

  Key Food  43 Columbia St. 52 Avenue A

Key Food
43 Columbia St.
52 Avenue A


Partners & Recognition

Like any startup company, Credit Do relies on the exceptional generosity of people who believe in our business model and recognize our impact. We're deeply grateful to the organizations whose dollars, goods, and services have made our work possible.


City Harvest
Centre for Social Innovation - Agents of Change
Cornelia Connelly Center
The 1 : 1 Fund
The Council for Economic Education

Goldman Sachs, Community TeamWorks

Lawyers Alliance for NY
Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union
Points of Light - Civic Accelerator

Stanford ChangeLabs
Stanford Graduate School of Business - EPSE

University Neighborhood Middle School



Kathryn Kellinger
Lynne G. Burton

Mucca Design
Simpson Thacher and Bartlett LLP
Two Boots Pizza

Arent Fox LLP
Danielle Gaglioti
David Burke Kitchen

David Seabrook
Dechert LLP
Jen Campbell Photography

JIMMY Partners